Our Story


RiverCraft magazine has a long history of excellence and evolution. It was originally created in 1964 by Mrs. Marjorie McCune, Mr. Jared Curtis, and Dr. Charles Rahter under the title Focus.

Dr. Gary Fincke, himself an accomplished writer, became the magazine’s advisor in 1982, and after he founded the Writer’s Institute in 1993, the magazine was renamed The Susquehanna Review. But by 2003, the title of Susquehanna Review had evolved into the University’s national undergraduate journal.

Finally, the name RiverCraft emerged to represent our annual celebration of campus literature. Now that we’re adapting once more to meet the digital age, we hope that the work of our students may reach a wider audience and be more accessible to those off-campus as well as on it.

Although we do not publish writers outside Susquehanna University, we encourage everyone to read RiverCraft in support of the budding authors and artists we foster. There’s something for everyone to enjoy within our eclectic range of flash fictions, short stories, poetry, photography, and artwork.

Please encourage our students as they begin their fruitful publishing careers!