RiverCraft wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and creativity of the following Susquehanna University students.


Managing Editor and Web Designer

Hayli McClain has always loved a good story. She writes primarily fiction, and harbors an affinity for the extraordinary as well as a fascination with what makes people’s hearts shatter or sing. On-campus, she has been published in Essay and RiverCraft. Off-campus, her work has appeared in Camas Magazine, Flash Fiction Magazine, and the summer 2018 Dually Noted series. She also has a piece in the forthcoming issue of Catfish Creek.


Junior Managing Editor

Honor Ford is a junior creative writing and theatre studies major. This year, she has the pleasure of serving as Junior Managing Editor for RiverCraft. In her free time, you can find her eavesdropping on conversations to use in her stories or jamming to musical theatre cast albums. She is so grateful to Susquehanna University and the creative writing and theatre departments for the opportunities she has been given.


Senior Fiction Editor

Lydia Gilliam is a junior concentrating in creative writing and French. She is from Connecticut and thinks all good fiction is in conversation with its readers. All of her favorite things start with c: like coffee, consonants, and—well, actually, she’s more of a dog person.


Senior Fiction Editor

Mac Bowers is a senior Creative Writing and Publishing and Editing major. When she isn't experiencing frequent bouts of existential crisis, she enjoys writing weird stories and talking about Scotland while sipping on far too many cups of coffee. 


Senior Poetry Editor

Nikki Einsig is a writer from Pennsylvania cornfields who fell in love with New England’s coast. They’re growing older on road trips with friends to nowhere in particular & road trips that were meticulously planned but still go wrong. They will do anything to pet a dog (or cat; they aren’t picky). Live long & prosper.


Senior Poetry Editor

PJ Lombardo has worked on the RiverCraft editing staff for the past two years. He has also served as editor for The Apprentice Writer, and his chapbook Sakawa is available through Susquehanna University's Corona Press. He would like to thank the entire RiverCraft staff for their resounding dedication.


Junior Fiction Editor

Jason Ferris is a sophomore Creative Writing, Publishing & Editing, and Spanish triple major from Leonardtown, Maryland. He lives with his parents, brother, and four cats—Pretty, Cuddles, Gabby, Lily. He loved writing before reading and revels in stories that know they are important—close to the bone, multifaceted, carefully observed, and well-written. He is the Apprentice Writer Print & Web Layout Manager and has been published in Essay magazine.


DESIGNER and Junior Poetry Editor

Amanda Gillette is a Creative Writing, Publishing & Editing, and German major at Susquehanna University. She works as the Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief for Flock Literary Journal. She also served as a reader for The Santa Fe Writers Project Quarterly. She spends her days steeped in aspartame sugar substitutes and unwrapping prepackaged romance, writing poetry and reading literary criticism.


Art Director

Angelica Mari Ramos-Santa is a creative writing and photography major who loves goats and Star Wars.

Faculty Advisors

The students above would like to express their gratitude to Drs. Catherine Dent and Karla Kelsey, not only for offering opportunities, but for always providing support and encouragement.